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  • January 21, 2016

We change the pharmacy owners into professional entrepreneurs and help them to be the more successful than they ever dreamed

AIPPO Association is an association of private pharmacy owners Island wide Sri Lanka, established for the purpose of developing supportive initiatives to assist private pharmacies in the country to promote the success of their business via active participation in the leadership, advocacy and Legislative ground with respect to private pharmacy in relation to issues which affect them in their professional practice as pharmacists by offering business solutions, informative resources to its members for the purpose of ensuring that success.

We are known as The Pharmacy service perceptive and we have ability to consider things in such relative perspectives. Our mission is to give you the business and leadership tools you need to improve your pharmacy business and professionalism- so you can become wealthy in the process f owning a profitable and fulfilling pharmacy business. Our informative resources that enable the private pharmacy owners to manage and grow their business

We began to work with pharmacy owners; we quickly came to realize that private pharmacy owners need to know about the pharmacy business including information on how to set up the pharmacy’s marketing plan, customer service model, set up a business model for products and services, and so much more.

Using our experience and flexibility in the areas of pharmacy benefit management, claims processing and drug utilization review, we can customize our basic programs to fit the individual needs of our clients. Additionally, our unique drug utilization review and program analysis procedures are designed to help clients in their cost containment efforts.

The voice of the private pharmacy owners advocating for all members

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