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  • January 22, 2016

Better Pharmacy. Better Business. Better Community

When private pharmacies are successful their community and patients thrive. AIPPO Association support private pharmacy owners to improve their business and pharmacy profession, so they can focus on what they do best to the community– helping patients, provision of quality service, Professional, courteous, caring and trustworthy care service. Customers and the residents they serve will benefit from a relationship with our members in the following ways and their residents and customers, have the right to expect the following services:

  • Pharmacy staff to be knowledgeable and to use the best tools to provide prompt, helpful service and support
  • Careful attention to the details of every prescription, including accurate medication review and dispensing
  • Professional, courteous, caring and trustworthy employees every time they call the pharmacy
  • Timely delivery of medications
  • Medication orders filled, checked and delivered professionally, accurately and courteously.
  • Private pharmacy to maintain accurate medication records and uphold the patient’s right to privacy

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